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How to stay motivated during quarantine

Although it feels like we are in a constant state of stress, fear and worry due to the unimaginable pain and suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can also take this time to pause, reflect and reset.

Follow these simple steps, to help you get on the right path to living your best quarantine life.

Increase your productivity Whether you are working from home, recently furloughed/laid off or consulting, remaining productive at home can be challenging.

Consider setting your alarm, taking a shower in the morning and scheduling check-in calls with clients or team. Another helpful tip is setting aside some downtime, such as meeting a neighbor or friend for a social distancing walk, practicing yoga in the middle of the day or FaceTime a loved one. It’s also ok to change it up every few weeks to avoid monotony.

Enhance your professional development

Another way to stay motivated is by honing your professional skills and developing new ones. Think about mastering your marketing or writing chops with an online course, earn a certification, enroll in a workshop or join a book club. These are also great ways of safely socializing and expanding your professional network.

The unstable job market will be challenging , therefore, consider beefing up your resume with a new skill set to prepare you for your next role.

Get those creative juices flowing

From writing to photography, designing, dancing, painting, planting, singing – whatever your talent or passion is – embrace it and cultivate it. Go back to that vision board or work through some of the New Year resolutions you made earlier this year. Record that podcast, post your first blog, start that novel, compose a melody or make your side hustle your dream career.

Practice self-care

In order to stay focused, your physical and mental health must also be in good shape. Staying in a healthy mental state is crucial during these trying times but many of us lack the motivation that we may get at the office or with your professional community cheering you on.

Luckily, there are tons of free online resources to help you stay in shape (see links below). It is just as important to exercise some respite from the digital world a few hours a day to ease any anxiety and fear you may be experiencing.

Participate in social distancing networking events

If you are a social butterfly like me, not being able to enjoy a coffee break, brunch, a weekend getaway or a soul cycle class with friends is probably killing you softly.

Face it, sometimes you need your team in a room to create a new hashtag or marketing campaign – and working remotely limits this. Consider virtual check-ins with your teams and one-on-ones with supervisors to make sure you are on the right track. In addition, a team building exercise or happy hour zoom can also increase morale while working from home.


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